The Genetic and Rare Disease Network (GaRDN) is a not for profit organisation that acts as a peak body for genetic and rare disease support groups in Western Australia, working to empower individuals and their families to reach positive health outcomes. We inform health professionals and the wider community on the perspectives and experiences of those affected by genetic and rare diseases. We connect key stakeholders and service providers with people affected by genetic and rare diseases. 

About the Genetic and Rare Disease Network (GaRDN)

GaRDN works to ensure that people with genetic and rare diseases have timely access to relevant, up-to date information about their condition and the healthcare and other services available to them in WA. GaRDN represents the collective voices of people with genetic and rare diseases, their families and carers, to ensure that they are included in health policy and strategic decision making. GaRDN aims to make health professionals more aware of genetic and rare diseases.  GaRDN works to develop integrated, coordinated health care and support by stakeholders involved in the support and health care of people with genetic and rare diseases, their families and carers.


A world where genetics is an integral component of health and health care, where human genetic variation is celebrated and where all people benefit from advances in genetic science and technology.

The GaRDN is committed to the promotion of fulfilled lives through:


To promote and develop awareness of genetic conditions and their impact on families and community, foster research, encourage and support service delivery by genetic support groups and facilitate their development by linking and empowering individuals, families and communities.

The four pillars of GaRDN’s services are connect, inform, support and empower.

Ways we connect

Ways we inform

Ways we support

Ways we empower

Download: GaRDN Brochure (PDF)

"Connect, Inform, Support, Empower"